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Cormac health and safety incident update: Corserv and Leader of Council respond

Following my resignation from the Cabinet over a covered-up health and safety incident at Cormac (see Cormac incident), the Corserv and the Leader of the Council have issued brief statements.

The Corserv statement is on their website at Corserv response

The Leader of Cornwall Council sent an email to all members as follows:

"Dear Colleagues,

Following Cllr Egerton's resignation email I want to reassure you that I have investigated the issues that he has raised and have discussed them with the Chairman of Corserv, who provided assurances about the action they have taken. Corserv has issued this statement: “Cormac’s commitment to safety in the workplace is paramount. We made a full report to the Health and Safety Executive, who decided no further action was needed.”

I have also reviewed the actions of the Chief Executive in relation to this matter and I am satisfied there is no evidence of any negligence on her part.

Best wishes, Julian"

The suggestion in both statements is that the Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident. In fact, the HSE made clear from the outset that they were not going to investigate the incident because it did not meet their criteria for investigation although they suggested that they might have done so if they had known more about it at the time. The HSE have written to Corserv pointing out what they did wrong including "an explanation of the legal requirements they had breached under RIDDOR". I do not have a copy of the letter that the HSE sent to Corserv but I have made an FOI request to the HSE to try to obtain a copy. So far, neither the Council nor Corserv has been prepared to release a copy of that letter.

For copies of the correspondence that I have received from the HSE, see

HSE letter December 2019

HSE letter March 2020

HSE letter April 2020

I will leave you, readers, to judge for yourselves as to whether you think that Corserv did nothing wrong and they have been exonerated by the HSE.


April 2020


UPDATE July 2020

I now have a copy of the letter from the HSE to Cormac, see HSE letter.



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