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Probus, Tregony, Cuby and Grampound with Creed Residents' Survey
(closed 27 March 2016)

All households in the parishes of Probus, Tregony, Cuby and Grampound with Creed received a paper copy of a residents' survey during February 2016. There were questions on council services, transport, councillors and national and international issues. The survey closed on 27 March 2016. The results are available at March 2016 survey results.

Proposed mobile phone mast in Cuby (closed 5 March 2015)

A government appointed contractor, The Harlequin Group, has put forward plans for a new mobile phone mast just outside the village of Tregony in the parish of Cuby. A leaflet was delivered to every house in Tregony and Cuby parishes inviting residents to complete the online survey. The majority of respondents expressed the view that currently mobile phone reception in this area is poor and they supported the proposal to install a new mast. See mobile phone mast survey results.

New bus shelters and real time passenger information systems (closed 21 August 2013)

New bus shelters are proposed for Probus (The Square), Grampound and Hewas Water. Leaflets were distributed across the village of Grampound and in the top half of the village of Probus. The online survey closed on 21 August. The survey results are available at Bus shelter survey results.

Probus, Tregony, Cuby and Grampound with Creed Residents' Survey, February 2013 (closed 20 February 2013)

All households in the parishes of Probus, Tregony, Cuby and Grampound with Creed received a paper copy of a residents' survey by early February 2013. There were questions on waste collections and disposal, highways, housing and planning, renewable energy, and flooding.

The survey closed on 20 February. The results of the survey can be found at survey results. There is a general summing up of the results and links to individual analyses by parish.

Probus street lighting trial (closed 22 October 2012)

Thank you to those who completed the survey on the street lighting trial. A copy of my summary report can be downloaded from street lighting report.

Tregony 20's plenty for us car sticker (ongoing)

If you would like to receive an additional car sticker(s) for the "Tregony 20's plenty for us" campaign, please complete the car sticker request questionnaire.

Tresowgar Bridge survey (closed 3 November 2013)

This survey was to receive feedback from users of Tresowgar Bridge on the unclassified road that runs from Truck to St Erme and the back of Tresillian. Work is starting on the bridge on 4 November 2013 and the road will be closed at this point until at least Christmas. Thank you to those who responded to the survey.

Probus Division Quiz, April-May 2012

Thank you to all those who entered the online quiz that posed questions about bus services, local council matters and waste and recycling services. Six residents answered all questions correctly. One name has been drawn at random from those six and the winner, Michelle Renowden of Probus, has been notified. If you are interested in the answers to the questions, see quiz answers.

Probus Residents' Survey, January 2012

Thank you to all those who responded to my residents’ survey in January. The response rate was excellent. 980 survey forms were distributed (one to each household in the parish of Probus including the rural areas). 163 forms were returned by post and 24 of you responded via the online Survey Monkey, making an overall response rate of 19%. This is far higher than the response rates typically shown in customer surveys. So, thank you for your enthusiasm.

The full results of the survey can be found at Survey Results.

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