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Cormac health and safety incident and threat of libel action: nothing seems to be happening - was it just an idle threat?

On 30 April, I received a letter from Stephens and Scown Solicitors threatening to sue me for libel if I did not immediately withdraw my allegations about Cormac and apologise. See solicitor letter.

I responded saying "I will see you in court."

I heard no more from them until I wrote to Cath Robinson, chief executive of Corserv, on 19 June as follows:

"Dear Cath

It is now more than 6 weeks since I wrote to you about your threat of libel action against me.

I have heard no more. Would you please confirm that you are proceeding with the action and advise when I can expect to receive the court papers. I am looking forward to this matter being resolved once and for all in a court of law.

Yours sincerely

Bob Egerton"

Cath did not reply but I received an email from Stephens and Scown on 24 June as follows:

"Dear Sir,

Our Clients: CORSERV Limited and CORMAC Solutions Limited and CORMAC Contracting Limited

Re: Defamatory Publications

We refer to your email dated 19 June 2020 which was sent to Ms Robinson direct. We request that you refrain from contacting our client in respect of this matter. Any future correspondence should be directed to this firm.

Our clients are considering their options in respect of the defamatory statements referred to in our clients’ Letter of Claim. As you will no doubt be aware, the time frame for bringing a claim for defamation is one year from the date of the publication of the statements. It is therefore open to our client to issue a claim at any point during that period.

Yours faithfully


It seems that the urgency with which they addressed this issue in April has somewhat dissipated. Also, Cornwall Council are refusing to answer questions about Cormac and it seems that, now, even Cormac are refusing to answer questions about Cormac! They would prefer to spend money on solicitors rather than answer questions themselves. For details of what the first letter to me cost, see Cornwall Reports.



July 2020



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