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Much improved timetable introduced on Cornwall mainline rail line - half hourly service Penzance to Plymouth

A new rail timetable has been introduced on to the Cornish mainline railway as from 15 December 2019. This follows on from several years' of investment in upgrading the signalling system on the line, paid for Network Rail and with support from European funding and government growth deal monies. It has also been a result of extensive lobbying from Cornwall Council public transport team and working in conjunction with Great Western Railway (GWR).

This new, improved service means that it becomes much more practicable for workers in the key Cornish towns along the line to be able to use the railway to commute to and from work with much more certainty of being able to catch a train at a reasonable time to harmonise with their working hours.

A copy of the new rail timetable can be downloaded from Cornwall rail timetable.


December 2019

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