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Planning for the future: government proposes complete re-write of planning laws

The Conservative government has published a White Paper that proposes to re-write the law covering planning. Although there have been many changes in planning policies and procedures over the years, the starting point has always been the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947.

The government proposes to start again from scratch with a completely new approach. They are calling the White Paper, "Planning for the Future".

In essence, local planning authorities will have to work up new Local Plans that will put all land in their areas into one of three categories: Growth areas suitable for substantial development, and where outline approval for development would be automatically secured for forms and types of development specified in the Plan; Renewal areas suitable for some development, such as gentle densification; and Protected areas where, as the name suggest, development is restricted.

This would mean that when a developer puts forward a proposal for a project within a growth area, they will almost automatically be granted permission. There will be no role for local councillors in deciding whether or not to approve the scheme.

The White Paper can be downloaded here or from the government website. It is in the public consultation phase. Anyone can make comments on the proposals. A Cornwall Council briefing note on the proposals can be downloaded here.
See the government website for how to comment. Comments must be made by 29 October 2020.



September 2020

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