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Planning committees whilst Coronavirus emergency prevails: delegation of authority to determine applications made to Service Director

During this unprecedented time Cornwall Council has had to face many new challenges whilst maintaining critical front-line services. The Council is taking a pragmatic view to upholding the decision making processes such as planning decisions whilst, at the same time, complying with current public health guidance.  The government guidance is that planning decisions should continue to be made during this time. Therefore, the Service Director for Planning and Sustainable Development has been given delegated powers to determine all planning applications during this period.

A planning protocol as has been agreed which will be in place during the Covid19 pandemic or until such time as the necessary technology is in place to hold virtual planning meetings.  Town and Parish Councils should note that the consultation process remains the same and that the 5-day protocol remains in place. 

The Planning Service currently works to align views and will continue to work towards consensus as far as possible. For those planning applications which would have otherwise been heard at committee, the protocol will ensure that these applications continue to be fully scrutinised through engagement with the Divisional Member and members of the relevant planning committee. Full reports will be circulated to members of the relevant planning committee who will provide their comments in writing. The reports will be available to view on our website.  It is recognised that there could be strategically important applications or very contentious applications that might be better held until a full hearing can take place. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the risk of an appeal for non-determination will need to be taken into account in this discussion.

The delegation will not remain place for any longer than absolutely necessary.

For further information, see copy of Planning protocol


April 2020

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