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Average speed cameras installed in Grampound on A390, Fore Street

Average speed cameras have recently been installed on Grampound Fore Street. This follows years of campaigning by local residents and the parish council about speeding traffic on the main road through the village. The new system was paid for by Cornwall Council as part of its overall local transport capital programme.

A few years ago, the parish council paid (with the support of a grant from Grampound Community Fund) for the installation of a flashing speed visor alongside Ham Field. This helped to reduce speeds to a certain extent, but it was still the case that the majority of motorists were exceeding 30 mph at this point.

Since the installation of the average speed camera with its legally enforceable system of issuing speeding tickets, the speed of traffic in Grampound has significantly reduced so that the overwhelming majority of vehicles are now travelling within the speed limit.

Well done to all those who have campaigned over the years. Your persistence has paid off.


February 2020

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