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Average speed cameras in Grampound: immediate impact on speeds in Fore Street

Since the installation of the average speed camera with its legally enforceable system of issuing speeding tickets, it was obvious to local residents that the speed of traffic in Grampound has significantly reduced so that the overwhelming majority of vehicles are now travelling within the speed limit.

The data collected from the speed camera have confirmed the success of the project.

For the period 14th February (operational start date) to 3rd March, there were a total 494 offences (combined both directions, not including emergency vehicles). The penalty breakdown includes 440 speed awareness (if driver eligible), 48 conditional offer and 6 straight to court.

The penalties are as follows:

  • A speed awareness course costs £88 if taken locally, but there are regional variations if the course is taken in another part of the country, e.g. the motorist caught speeding was on holiday in Cornwall from London.
  • A conditional offer is £100 and 3 points on the drivers licence.

Although about 26 vehicles a day are caught, this means that 99.8% of vehicles are sticking to the speed limit. This is a dramatic change from the pre-camera days when we reckoned that a large majority of vehicles were, at some point through Grampound, breaking the speed limit. To those of us walking along Fore Street, the difference has been very obvious and immediate.

Overall, a great success.


March 2020

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