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Cormac incident: Andrew Richards ("Joe") interviewed by Richard Whitehouse

When I resigned from the Cabinet and explained my reasons why, I used a pseudonym of Joe for the injured Cormac employee. 

“Joe” is so fed up with the Council and Cormac’s continuing covering up and using spurious reasons such as “cannot reveal personal confidential information” that he has given an interview to Richard Whitehouse. His name is Andrew Richards, he lives in Tregony, and this is his story. It has been published on Cornwall Reports, Cornish Stuff and Cornwall Live.

It is a story that brings shame to the Council and Cormac.

Meanwhile, I continue to investigate the story. It is a battle, as the Council and the company try to avoid answering my questions, but I am slowly making progress and I will be publishing more information in due course.


October 2020

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